Hey Hi Hello, My name is Mikayla Warner but everyone and their mother's call me Mikk! I like to consider myself a jacqueline of all traits - I create, explore, advocate & constantly inspired by everything happening around me. I am a big empath, pet & plant lover and live for the small details in life.  

Creating as always come pretty naturally to me, from a very young age all I wanted to do was dance, sing & act and LIVED for an audience hahah. My angel of a mother signed me up for every dance class, signing and music lesson and theater opportunity we could get our hands on in our small mountain town.


As I got older, I began experimenting with photography and modeling and loved every second of it. From the styling, location scouting, poses and everything in-between. I was so fascinated by the idea of an image being able to capture such detail about the subject or landscape. Things you never would notice with the naked eye become so highlighted and imperfectly perfect. 

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