My Top Young Living Oils, Oil Blends & Products

I've got mad love for the brand, YoungLiving. Everything they offer to their members is 100% natural, safe and incredible quality. Below I am going to list a few of my FAVORITE Essential Oil blends, single oils and everyday household products that I cant live without. I will also have a direct link to my YoungLiving portal where you can sign up as a member, make single purchases and learn more about this incredible brand.

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Lavender - Okay this is a given but YoungLiving's lavender puts any other brands attempt at this scent smell like old soap + its 100% nature.

Peppermint - Again, I had not smelled proper peppermint until I tried YL's. Plus they have a 'Vitality' series of oils that can be ingested, so you can add the oil to your food or drinks for extra, natural flavor!

Rosemary - This scent honestly just reminds me of my Grandma and I love diffusing it + this scent blends better than a Jamba Juice smoothie.

Idaho Blue Spruce - Okay but if I ANYTHING in this life, it will be to convince you that you need this oil. If any of you grew up in the mountains or just love the smell of woods this scent will make you channel your inner Yogi Bear.

Thieves - One of YL's signature scents, a perfect


Stress Away - Okay not to be dramatic but, if I could fill a bath tub with nothing but this oil & soak in it I would do it in less than a heart beat. This is easily my most used oil next to I.B.S and blends with other single oils so beautifully, one of my favorite day time blends is actually Stress Away + Peppermint.

Thieves - One of YL's signature scents, a perfect mix of Cloves, Cinnamon, Rosemary and Lemon. Definitely a spicier blends but can easily be lightened up with any other oil and sets the PERFECT Autumn vibes come September.

Valor - A blend of Blue Tansy, Black Spruce, Frankincense & more, this blend provide the sensations of empowerment, creativity and awakening. This oil is always on my work desk at the station and at home and is such a refreshing scent.

YoungLiving PRODUCTS -

The Aria Diffuser - This is easily the most beautiful diffuser I have ever seen. With a domed top and steady mist dispenser, the Aria can provide 8+ hours of diffusing, LED light settings, preloaded mediation music, and the ability to play your own. This is one of my favorite pieces in our home and I always have her running.

Thieves Household Cleaner Solution - Okay this stuff is no joke and will last you FOR-FREAKING-EVER. One cap of the solution + water makes up to 16oz of surfaces cleaner. I use this on our kitchen counters, dining table, shelves, bathroom etc. + it comes in the signature Thieves scent which is so much better than the horrid post chemical product smell.

Hand Sanitizer - As someone who uses sanitizes all day at my place of work, I can REALLY appreciate a quality sanitizer that is moisturizing and wont hurt my skin. This one also doesn't smell like a trip down college party lane so you won't be gagging! Very Important HAHA

Thieves Fruit & Veggies Wash - This one sorta speaks its purpose within the titles and I will be honest, I thought it was a bit extra at first but now I cannot leave without it and I'm not sure why but it makes my veggies looks so much more appetizing and I'm more eager to eat them now?? Don't ask me why,

just get it & you'll thank me later.


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