Clean Slate: New Year's Resolutions

As I'm sure you are too, I can't be more excited to see 2020 in the review mirror & and ready to start with a clean slate. I feel like the last year was full of lessons and findings, I'd like to take what I learned and develop it into action in 2021. Listed below are the following things I plan to exercise.

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01. Cool = Creditable

“The second you lose your cool is the same second you lose grasp of your creditability.”

If you are passionate like me, than I'm sure you can relate to what I'm about to admit. Sometimes I get so intense about a topic, that I allow my emotions to get the best of me. This was something I had never experienced so regularly until the testing year that was 2020. Between a worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic, Quarantining, BLM protests, a Presidential Election and so much more, there was a lot to be passionate about! But I started to notice that sometimes when I would try to defend my side of these many subjects, I was allowing my emotions to erupt too frequently, and loosing my train of thought or misquoting my facts.

By maintaining a cool attitude throughout a discussion or even an argument, you're allowing yourself more room in your mind listen more clearly, process, and fully develop your thoughts that will become your speaking points (not screaming points).

02. Thoughtful Spending

Who else can admit they were a BIG useless spender this past year?? I don't know if it was the boredom of the lack of events or a social schedule, quarantine or what but man did I waste some money! BUT - none of that in 2021, nothing but thought out purchases and preplanning budgets.

One of my favorite Apps to manage my savings is Digit - You can set up individual account for anything, car, travel, gifts etc. and it monitors your everyday spending habits to determine who much to save daily, sometimes it can save as little as $0.01 and you can also pause the saving if you need to, Cain & I have both used it regularly in the last few months and love it!!

03. Water what's already Planted

Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing. ” - Ron Swanson

While the multi-tasker in me way not be able to just stick to just ONE thing as Ron suggests, what I mean by 'whats whats already planted' is this:

I personally hate the feeling of lose ends - something I feel like starts to become uncontrollable when your plate is too full. If you focus on what you already have growing in front of you, don't take on any new projects until one is complete and you are ready for a new one, you'll never leave a project with your name on it unwatered. Everything you want can flourish as long as you keep a healthy workload.


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